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Vintage Air is owned and operated by experienced street rodders who have been involved in the sport for over thirty years. Vintage Air offers you the most comprehensive line of high performance air conditioning components available. Every Vintage Air product incorporates the very latest technology available and offers you the greatest efficiency and reliability available.

Crown Hill Automotive is your authorized Vintage Air distributor and installer... Your one stop shop for cool driving.

Like Vintage Air, Crown Hill Automotive has been serving customers’ needs for over thirty years and we take pride in using the best products on the market today and installing them right the first time, giving you the driving experience you have invested in.

Our goal is to help you cool your specialty vehicle in a more informed way with parts specially designed for street rods, sport trucks and performance cars. We want to supply you what you really need to get the job done right! Therefore, we are always interested in your air conditioning questions and we welcome technical inquiries. Feel free to call or write.

Stop by the shop and see what we’re all about and discuss your project. Let us show you how we can make your special ride even cooler than ever!


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How to buy Vintage Air products

Vintage Air products are sold worldwide by authorized Vintage Air Dealers, or purchased directly from Vintage Air. Vintage Air does not offer direct e-commerce sales except for catalogs and apparel. To discuss, buy and have Vintage Air installed in your special ride, please call Crown Hill Automotive at 206-782-7950.